Monday, 5 November 2012

How to Combat Flat Tension

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Hey guys! I’m Kerys from Little Bo Blab, Efia has not only chosen me as her blog of the month but also asked me to do a little guest post too. I feel like such a special sausage!

So I was having a little think about what kind of post I wanted to share with you guys, & I think considering Efia’s blog is mainly lifestyle themed, I’d tell you guys a little story.

I’ve never been a massive girly girl, even in my earlier years. My best friends have always been boys and I’ve never lived with more than 2 girls at a time. This year however, I took the plunge and moved into a 6 bedroom all girl flat.

It was awkward at first, I couldn’t shake the ‘new girl’ feeling, as the other 5 had been living with each other for a year already. But luckily I slotted into their flat fairly quickly.  As you can imagine girls can get a little heated at times, and it’s almost impossible to avoid a little bit of bitchyness. It’s usually harmless, little digs behind backs and the likes, but nothing harsh enough to break up a long term friendship. But how do you avoid arguments and unnecessary awkward friendship situations?

Last week whilst I was at my boyfriends for the weekend, I came back to the flat to find a list of colourfully hand written rules on the wall and a whole load of drama behind it! Honestly from my point of view, the rules were not all that bad. They were pretty basic, do your washing on the same day, stick to the bin rota etc., but a few people felt a little victimised and targeted in the flat.

So how do you avoid or solve such a problem?

Well first off I'd suggest maybe having a flat meeting. If you have beef with someone in your flat, talk it out face to face. In our experience last weekend, slapping up a load of rules when some are not present doesn’t tend to go well.

        Start an honesty hour. I know it sounds cheesy, but we found it released tension in the flat; we had a little chat about the week and discussed anything we weren’t comfortable with.

        Keep a positive self-attitude, by staying calm and collected yourself in heated situations, Karma and her big ole’ bitchy way can’t kick you down a peg!

       From experience, I tend to say my piece and then stay out of additional drama that may arise. It’s no use getting involved if it doesn’t directly involve you.

Drama is near impossible to avoid. I love all the girls in my flat & I’m happy to report we’re all friends again, but for future reference I hope we’ve learnt from our mistakes. Putting up flat rules can be a really good thing, just don’t do it like us & not include key members of your group!

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