Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sara Hill Blogger Event

North East Blogger Events group

So, a couple of weeks ago I went to the first North East Bloggers event organised by Laura from Liparazzi! I was pretty nervous as it was my first time meeting everyone, but the nerves soon went away as everyone was really friendly. While we waited for Sara to arrive we drank prosecco, ate mini cupcakes and talked about the thing we all had in common BLOGS. I actually forgot my camera so these are just some photos the photographer took on the day!


Sara was so lovely and down to earth and when asked who her favourite celebrity was to work on she recalled how star struck she'd been when she had the opportunity to make over a Spice Girl. After she unpacked her kit she immediately got to work on giving Pamela a full face make over. As she applied products she talked us through the application and gave us some of her own tips that she'd picked up over the years.

It really was a great little event Laura did a great job organising everything and at the end we all left with goodie bags and cookies in hand. Above is a picture of what was inside which includes little treats from Benefit, Hotel Chocolat and my personal favourites - some strip eyelashes (I don't know which company they're from), my first Lindt bunny and a note book for writing all our bloggy ideas in!

 Stay tuned for a post on the next North East Bloggers event!
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